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Suspended in Time



Did you know that you can have your flowers beautifully preserved and sealed for generations to come?

Don’t Toss your Flowers – Preserve Them!

For those once in a lifetime moments, your memories can literally be Suspended In Time®.


Suspended In Time® will professionally preserve your bridal bouquet and other wedding memorabilia allowing those memories to be cherished for a lifetime.



Own A Franchise


Do you want to Work From Home, Be Your Own Boss, Own Your Own Business, and Have a Flexible Work Schedule? Then this Franchise Business Opportunity in flower preservation is what you’ve been looking for!



What is Suspended In Time®?

Preservation of floral memories and keepsake Memorabilia.


Why choose Suspended In Time®?

  • Superior Drying Method leaves flowers more vibrant than any other method in our market. Take a look at our preservations gallery to see some of the flower preservation services that we have done.
  • Revolutionary Machines require minimal space and energy.
  • Ongoing support and continued innovative ideas provided from 14 years (and counting!) of experience.
  • Step-by-step manuals, advertising manual, catalogs, logos and so much more provided.
  • Minimal upfront costs.
  • No Royalties.


Whether you’re interested in a Home Based business opportunity or an expansion to an existing business, or a florist, this opportunity is unsurpassed by uniqueness and affordability.

Suspended In Time® has developed a revolutionary process of preserving floral arrangements and memorabilia such as bridal bouquets, wedding gowns, anniversary, and funeral etc. This is not a Freeze Dry Method. This preservation process only takes an average of 3-5 days to complete.


Here Are Some Key Points to Remember

  • Minimal up-front costs
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Large profit potential
  • Growing industry
  • Unique and proprietary products
  • Extremely fast turn around time
  • Excellent Training
  • Excellent On-Going Support
  • Minimal Inventory Requirements
  • Profitable non-floral markets can be tapped
  • Low energy consumption


It’s fun and rewarding to provide this service to brides, mothers-of-the-bride, interior designers, florists, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, decorators and others who simply hate to see their most favorite fresh flowers go to waste. FLORISTS, don’t send your customers to your competitors for the ability to dry and encase the very product you designed yourself. Turn that product into additional income. Those who are not in the floral industry can certainly meet the needs of florists and others to preserve and encase all their customers’ special occasion flowers.

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Cash Required $10,000

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