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Join The Revolution That Is Good For Everyone!


We live in a unique time where funding from the government, public opinion and professional interest are all coming together. These support systems are what are propelling the healthy vending industry to be SO LUCRATIVE and ATTRACTIVE!

Naturals2Go provides a turn key program to market healthy snacks & beverages utilizing the latest in automated retail ~ better known to you as vending. Naturals2Go connects you to the lucrative market of snacks and beverages tapping into the demand for healthy options in the evolving marketplace.

A Simple Business ~ Stocking and maintaining the vending machines that do the work. Naturals2Go operators income is driven by the unlimited number of machines that can be added to your business.



Our Passion

Healthy vending and our operators success is our passion. Helping our operators start and grow a successful business, not just in profits but affording them with a lifestyle that gives them time - time to spend with their family and to do the things they love.


No Fee Support System

Imagine a business that was totally yours, but one that came with the support of an established franchise. A company that starts day one, with a team of workers dedicated to your success. That means, when you want to know how to do something, you could just pick up a phone and ask. If you can imagine this, you can understand the greater support that Naturals2Go offer with your investment.

  • Simple Business
  • No Office Space
  • Home Based
  • No Employees
  • No Overhead
  • Unique Tax Benefits
  • Fast Ramp-Up
  • Minimum Time Required
  • Part OR Full Time ~ Scalable
  • Machine Location Program Included in Investment
  • No Restrictions on Territory
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • No Franchise Fees - No Royalties
  • A Company with Longevity - Over 30 years in business
  • 3 Day Hands-On Training
  • Investments that range from $50,000 - $200,000
  • Coaching And Mentoring Program
  • And so much more


Imagine If People Knew Your Business, The Minute You Opened It!

Through our ongoing research and commitment to the vending market, we realized that in order to future-proof our customers success we needed to lead the way with technology and equipment with greater capacity and versatility to meet the requirements of the evolving market of today and tomorrow. Our MVP All-In-One machine offers our operators the ability to market virtually any size or shape of products in today's evolving market.

Variety of product options, extensive capacity and leading technology provides or operators with a solid future in the healthy vending business.

We do NOT sell machines. While our investment is a turn-key program that includes machines, we only sell machines to our operators. Our program includes all the components for your success. With six equally important components to this business, we have a strong model that includes all of them.

  • Starting with the YOU, the operator and your role in operating this business
  • Training and Support, so if you know nothing about starting a business we have you covered
  • Products, understanding where the money is made
  • MVP All-In-One Machine, allowing you to market the widest variety of products
  • MVP Technology powered by NAYAX, giving you control to monitor your business online
  • Location Location Location, provides you with an ON-Site location specialist to secure location for your machines and we back that up with a Lifetime Guarantee



We have worked diligently for years to build a trusted and recognized brand. If you see a Naturals2Go machine, you know the owner of that machine takes care of it personally, and cares about you and your health.


No Nonsense. No Fees.

Naturals2Go is NOT a Franchise, but we’ve had over 30 years to build up the knowledge and systems. No one expects you to know how to set up and run a vending business. Our system has allowed for thousands of independent operators to create and grow a successful business at their pace. You can choose full or part time, choose your locations, and choose how much money you want to earn. The choice is yours. We are here to provide you with support and guidance, not pressure. We know what it takes to get started and from training to mentoring, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.


Naturals2Go Healthy Vending

  • Teaches you how to be successful
  • Doesn’t require a specific business model or control practices
  • Has no restrictions on location or area
  • Doesn’t require any employees and has low overhead
  • Allows for semi-absentee income
  • No royalties, fees or requirements
  • Provides you with autonomous options for your business
  • Allows the operator total independent practices for their company


We’ve Been Doing This For Over 30 Years!

The staff of Naturals2Go lives by the Zig Ziglar motto, “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll always get what you want.” We are not simply looking for more owner/operators, we are looking for like minded owner/operators who will run their business based on this same principal.

Our founder, Randy Francis embedded the core belief that “the truth is always good enough” in every member of the company. These basic character traits of the organization foster a partnership between Naturals2Go and it’s owner/operators that last a lifetime.



Would Naturals2Go fit for you?

All ages and demographics that are looking for a few things including but not limited to flexibility and scalability. Many are drawn to this because of an interest or passion in their health and wellness who share similar values including:

  • interested in building an asset
  • desire to enhance the quality of their life and others
  • want to have (gain) control of their future
  • have true integrity
  • willing to follow a proven program
  • has a genuine desire to be successful in life
  • desire to be in business for themselves


We have a NO PRESSURE ~ STREAMLINED process for you to evaluate this opportunity for you and your family

Step 1) Do not fall prey to any high pressure sales tactics. With Naturals2Go you control the process.

Our approach is to provide you with the information to make an educated decision as to whether this business is right for you and your family, on your time frame. The key is to begin the process for your future. Starting with viewing the Naturals2Go Discovery Presentation, an in depth 80 minute overview of the Industry, the Market, and the Naturals2Go MVP program.

The key is for you to have a complete understanding of the products you can market from the MVP All-In-One machines, the MVP technology that allows you to monitor the machines online, as well as details of our training, support, our machine locating program and our business coaching and mentoring program.

Step 2) Once you have viewed the presentation, let us know when you want to speak with a personal business consultant. Your consultant will walk you through our simple, no pressure process to:

  • Gather and review all materials
  • Speak with Naturals2Go Business Operators
  • Review Zip Codes for your area
  • Make a Business Plan
  • Determine funding option
  • Make a Decision



The ability to expand

The expansion capabilities of the MVP All-In-One, give you even more opportunities to offer and even wider variety of product selections and expand your business. These types of markets are becoming more popular as businesses look for ways to keep their employees happily working with access to a full range of refreshments without having to maintain a cafeteria or lunch counter.

The MVP All-In-One machines gives you the capability to add as many as 3 Satellites simply by placing it next to it and plugging it in.

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Cash Required $30,000

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