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Apricot Lane Boutique



About Apricot Lane

Apricot Lane Boutique is the #1 women’s fashion franchise. We train our franchisees to be THE fashion destination in their local market, bringing in new styles earlier and more often than any competitor, all at reasonable prices, and ultimately win extremely loyal fans. It’s fun and rewarding! Find out more by requesting information today.



Fun & Rewarding

Have you been looking for the chance to own your own business but weren’t sure how to get the support you need to succeed? We help our new owners quickly become THE “favorite place to shop” for their local customers.


A Dream Come True

We believe in making the dream of business ownership as easy and as real as possible, and our franchise allows your dream to become a reality!



From buying, merchandising, display, selling, marketing, and more, when you open your clothing store franchise with us, we make sure to do everything we can to set you up for success.



With your very own Apricot Lane clothing boutique franchise, you’ll be taking your first step toward a fun and exciting career in fashion.



The #1 Women’s Franchise

Worried that you don’t have experience owning a business or running a boutique? We provide all the training you need to open and operate your business!



Team Support

When you have your very own Apricot Lane Boutique, you not only create an opportunity to live a rewarding life, but a chance for women and girls to shop together, enjoy each other’s company, and bond over shared experiences. Growing and currently with more than 80 open and planned stores, you’re in good hands with the #1 women’s fashion franchise.


A One of a Kind Clothing Boutique

Each Apricot Lane is a boutique that creates a unique adventure and shopping experience that captures the look and vibe of their local area.

Each boutique is locally owned, and all the styles are hand-picked by the owner. For the customer, shopping at Apricot Lane is always a discovery and truly an affordable unique boutique experience!


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Year Business Began: 2007
Franchising Since: 2007
Headquarters: Vacaville, California
Estimated Number of Units: 80


Franchise Description: 

The name of the franchisor is Country Visions, Inc. The franchise is for a retail specialty store selling fashion apparel and accessories, bath and body products, gifts, decor and other merchandise under the mark “Apricot Lane.”


Training Overview: 

Best-in-class new owner orientation and onboarding provides all the training you need to be a successful owner and operator. Training consists of three phases which must be completed by all new owners:

1. Orientation/Onboarding

2. In-Boutique and In-market Experiences

3. Certification



Learning is facilitated by development leaders incorporating various platforms and styles.  Over 50 hours of virtual, webinars and online training while engaging with function leaders and fellow franchise owners along the way.


On Location Training and Support

In the final days leading up to your grand opening, the boutique in-store experience and operations team will be on site assisting in staff training, merchandising and the final details required for a smooth and successful opening.


Post-Opening Support

Post-opening support and learning is key to ensuring our owners long term success.  A team of functional experts evaluate your business and engage regularly with you to review and align on the opportunities within your business.  Apricot Lane Boutique owners have 24/7 access to best practice resources providing insights and proven behaviors to grow their business.


Ongoing Learning

Our commitment to learning is a key tenant of our owners' success.  Being part of a strong franchise brings access and learning opportunities not available on your own.  We take learning seriously and provide multiple ways to engage and develop your business acumen.  In-market support, annual owners conference, season planning meetings, networking events, ongoing recorded and archived webinars as well as communication systems for everyone to share.



Territory Granted: Franchisees have the right to operate the Apricot Lane store at a specific location within the protected area described in the Franchise Agreement. While there is no minimum size for a protected area, the franchisor typically will define a protected area as follows: (1) if the store is inside an enclosed mall, the protected area is limited to the mall property; (2) for stores that are part of a larger facility, the protected area is limited to the shopping center, entertainment complex, tourist attraction (e.g., amusement park, museum, etc.) or other facility in which the site is located; or (3) for stores at stand-alone locations, the protected area is typically defined as a one- to two-mile radius from the store, but will depend on the market. The protected area is only protected to the extent that neither the franchisor nor any affiliate will locate either a company-owned or franchised Apricot Lane within the protected area during the term of the Franchise Agreement.

Obligations and Restrictions: The franchised business must at all times be under the franchisee’s on-premises management and supervision except where delegation of this duty to a manager is permitted. Franchisees must devote full time and best efforts to the management and operation of the franchised business except as set forth in the Franchise Agreement. The franchisor has the right to add to or otherwise modify the required purchases and vendor lists at its discretion. Franchisees must maintain an inventory reasonably adequate to meet the needs of customers. The franchisor has the right to require the franchisee to carry a minimum dollar amount of merchandise.

Term of Agreement and Renewal: The length of the initial franchise term is 10 years beginning on the first day of the lease term for the premises. If franchisees are in good standing, they can renew for two additional successive terms of five years each.

Financial Assistance: The franchisor does not offer direct or indirect financing. The franchisor does not guarantee a franchisee’s note, lease or obligation.


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Fill out the form below, and the next step will be an invitation to book a 15 minute call with us to explore and discuss the opportunities in your area.

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